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Converse presents: Warrior – Kimbra ft. Mark Foster & A-Trak

Converse’s push for music excellence over the years has paid off. If you haven’t heard this song already, then you should definitely do it asap. ‘Warrior’ is a hip shake-your-shoulders-up-and-down track that will steal away your Monday blues and inject you with a delightful smile on your face. Featuring Kimbra (yes, that chick who collaborated with Gotye on “Somebody”), Mark Foster of Foster the People (don’t you just love his weird dance moves) and A-Trak.



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David Lowery’s response to Emily White

Although the article’s tone veers towards condescension given that the opinion was addressed to a 21-year-old, it does hit on the source of what drives piracy today.

“Rather than using our morality and principles to guide us through technological change, there are those asking us to change our morality and principles to fit the technological change–if a machine can do something, it ought to be done.”

Read the article here before everyone else does.

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Free song download at Honda?!


I love this marketing campaign by Honda for their new offering, the Honda Odyssey. Their tv ad features an entire family sitting in the car, but the focus fell on the 3 children of varying ages. The eldest son plugged his Mac onto a power plug in the car with ease, while the second child looks up and smiles at a 2-screen sharp hi-def television screen above the seats.

Just before the ad ends, a quick message pops up, simple and effective: “Download the song at”.

At the website, the viewer is informed that the song downloads are free, and for every free download, Honda will donate $1 to Safe Kids Canada, up to $10,000 maximum. A quick glance at the Safe Kids Canada website reveals a mission of “Fewer Injuries. Healthier Children. A Safer Canada,” immediately associating Honda with safer driving in Canada. Quick effective brand association for Honda – check!

Back to they urge the viewer to share the song with their friends and get them to download their copy, and promise to donate $1 for every song download. Obviously, they hope to reach 10,000 online viewers with the lure of free downloaded content. Honda has successfully imprinted at the back of your mind the association of Odyssey and safer driving. I’m guessing that the sale of 2 Odysseys will cover their tv and online ad costs.

Cheap, effective, viral, simple.

Download the Honda song here

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Lush … always mine.

LUSH 99.5FM is still my favourite radio station. Where else can you find gems like these back to back?

Colbie Caillat – The Little Things
Lisa Stanfield – I will be waiting
Sarah Cheng – Maybe Forever

Listen online

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The domino hits South Jersey.

The unstoppable domino wave of lost physical sales has hit South Jersey’s Sony CD manufacturing plant. Goodbye to 300 workers and more than 50 years of music history.

Source: Sony will close South Jersey CD plant

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Mateo – Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind 

by Mateo

Mateo–Empire State of Mind

“I can feel its energy
Constantly transforming me…

…Now you’re in New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do.
Cos’ you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new,
These lights will inspire you…
Cos’ you’re in New York New York New York”

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MOSCARS: The Movember Oscars & McGill MBA Lipdub

So, we made it to the Movember Oscars, VOTE FOR US! Vote for our McGill MBA Movember Lipdub on the MOscars homepage here:




“The McGill MBA Movember #LipDub is in the running for the 2010 Movember Moscars! 😉 VOTE for us! Let’s change the face of men’s health – one moustache at a time” – PhilosophyJun

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McGill MBA LipDub 2010: Giving A Little Love

McGill MBA LipDub 2010: Giving A Little Love

The very first LipDub in the history of McGill’s MBA program celebrates the spirit of Movember

[Press Release by Celestyn Wong]

29 November 2010, Montreal – While most MBA candidates spent a Sunday completing their finance assignments or leafing through a new chapter from the organizational behavior textbook, something quite different was brewing in McGill’s Bronfman Building. Led by first-year student Jun Yeo, 90 McGill MBA students and professors participated in the inaugural LipDub of McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management. The LipDub – perfected in just four takes – was filmed and edited by Charlie Bern, a second-year student, rounding up a production that was wholly conceptualized and executed by the energies of a committed student body.

Choreographed to the tune of Tom Jones’ Give a Little Love, the LipDub was primarily conceived to aid Movember, a global movement dedicated to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. Said Jun, “We wanted to show the world how giving just a little love every single day of our lives could be the start of something big, and more importantly, something that reminds us never to forget to give back to society. When I first proposed the idea of a LipDub, I knew I didn’t want it to be a run-of-the-mill event where we just jump around for a few minutes and elicit a couple of laughs. We wanted this to be different and we incorporated our idea of paying it forward into the LipDub, all the while making sure everyone who participated would have a fun and unforgettable experience.”

Going live on 26 November, the LipDub drew a strong number of hits on the Internet almost immediately; it even secured features on the LipDubTube and Montreal Gazette websites. The final cut showcases an entertaining moustache count of the participants on screen, with one scene presenting an unshaven Tom Jones doppelganger and another featuring the “Super McGill brothers,” also with impressive manes on their upper lips. Bursting with vivacity and exuberance, 32 nationalities are represented in the LipDub, underscoring the broad diversity of backgrounds that participants bring to McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management’s MBA program. As the camera moves through the third floor of the Bronfman Building, doors open into tongue-in-cheek parodies and corners turn into scenes that allude to an iconic pastiche of political, current affairs, and sporting caricatures.

“This LipDub grew from being the baby of the X-Team committee to a project that the entire MBA cohort believed in and supported. We wanted to produce something that would crystallize our McGill MBA experience, demonstrate our passion for giving back to the community and also show another side of us as business students,” said Charlie.

Equally proud of the achievement of the MBA students is the Faculty itself: “On behalf of the Dean and the Faculty, I congratulate our Desautels MBA students for such a fantastic and creative approach to raising awareness and funds for important causes. The Give a Little Love LipDub is an excellent expression of the values we wish to uphold at the Desautels Faculty of Management, including integrity, responsibility, and giving back to our communities,” said Don Melville, Director of McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management’s MBA and Masters Programs.

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Support Movember – Donate to the MoGill Boys!

CTV News gave some love to the McGill MBA Movember LipDub earlier this evening, read the news and watch the lipdub video on their site now!

(CTV Montreal) McGill students raise awareness with LipDub video:

It’s not too late to donate, you can still help us raise funds and awareness by donating to the MoGill Team page here:

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