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Joss Stone struggles with Colour Me Free

Colour Me Free by Joss Stone

Joss Stone has put out a brand-new album titled Colour Me Free, but  not without some fighting with her label EMI. Stone apparently recorded the album on a whim at her mother’s venue “Mama Stone”, with a band she hastily put together, and the result is a recording of her most passionate music to date.

“And it is exactly how I made it. I didn’t touch it one bit. If it’s not commercial then so be it. It’s an album for people who love music. It’s not about getting radio play,” says the 22-year-old Stone, who I say is refreshingly untouched by the cynicism that plagues the elephant of an industry I currently work in.

Of course, EMI stepped in and ordered her to rework the album to make it more commercially successful, to which Stone refused. “The label people were very angry,” she admitted.

“I understand that the label is run by businessmen and they don’t believe that the songs are commercial enough. I understand their logic but I don’t want to be part of it. I just want to make music. So we’re putting this music out and hallelujah.”

Seems like EMI took a step back and gave her what she wanted in the end; the album is set for release on 20 October 2009. Yet, would the label promote it? If they do, they risk sending out the signal that they give in to star power. On the other hand, if they don’t promote it and it becomes a viral hit (anti-label rebels would probably pick it up out of spite), then the label stands to lose a little credibility.

Refreshing as this sweet young woman is, the freedom she received this time round cannot be said to be received elsewhere. Big stars who achieve great fame risk becoming a commodified object, that does exactly what the label wants them to do. At the base of their journey, artists are often promised fame and everything else that comes along with it, and in exchange they sell their soul freedom. Promotional tours and showcases are some of the worst things they have to go through before they, if they do at all, make it.

I’m going to be looking forward to Colour Me Free, so aptly titled. Well done, Stone!

Colour Me Free will be out on 20 October 2009, released under EMI.


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Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Leaked Online

This Is It

Yeah right, as if MJ’s newest track is actually ‘leaked’, which by definition gives us a sense that it’s all accidental. News here.

It’s only a matter of time before ‘leaks’ become simply a marketing strategy in the digital market. At the same time, it’s heartening to see the labels using this’ as a strategy to generate hype. That only goes to show the amount of importance everyone’s putting on digital content, more and more.

We shall all be waiting to see more ‘leaks’ for future A-list releases.

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