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Google Music Search

A year after launching Google music search for the China market, Google has now embarked on Google music search for the entire world. Launched on 28 Oct’09 in the U.S., Google’s music search integrates audio tracks into your searches, allowing you to listen to full audio tracks (if available) upon receiving your search results. Not available yet in Asia, this search promises to make Google’s giant search engine even more gargantuous and comprehensive.

In line with Google’s world domination quest, the music search is ambitious, and is part of a series of Google initiatives – to provide thorough search results like never seen before – that would be rolled out within the next year. After the music search engine, the world can prepare itself for an infinite number of e-books available online (having been digitized for Google’s e-book project) as well as a state-of-the-art social interaction portal called Google Wave.

But I digress.


I initially thought that Google’s global music search would be somewhat similar in interface to the one they launched in China just last year, but it’s decidedly different. While Google’s global music search integrates your live searches into its search engine interface, Google Music China is a separate search by itself, focusing only on music- and artist-related results. Regardless, both are certainly a bold step in the future of free audio streaming for all, receiving praises from music fans all over the world.

And there’s more. “The real “wow” in this new music feature,” states Google’s blog with much pride, “is that you can type in phrases of lyrics, we recognize the song – and bring you the song for full play.” Bring it into Asia soon, we can’t wait!

How are the labels dealing with the digital music revolution?

Apparently, very well. All 4 major labels have come onboard for Google’s global music search, and are listed alongside online music partners iMeem, LaLa, MySpace, Pandora and Rhapsody. It’s heartening to see Universal Music and Sony Music embracing both VEVO and Google’s music search, which could potentially become rivals in music offering. Bring it on, I say. The more (digital) competition the better!


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