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Starhub Music Store – A Giant Leap Forward for Singapore Music-Lovers

The title of The First DRM-Free Music Store in Singapore now officially belongs to the newly-launched Starhub Music Store. A full-page ad in the Straits Times today (10Jul2010, Saturday) launches the music store officially, a sure way to bring traffic to the first unique offering in Singapore. The store offers music from 20 record labels in 13 different languages including Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Tagalog, Japanese and Korean.

The Starhub Music Store is serviced by Ithos Digital, and this partnership is the newest to hit our shores, following limited DRM-Free offerings from the remaining telecommunications companies in Singapore, M1 and Singtel. Unlike M1’s music store, where only some tracks are DRM-Free, and Singtel’s AMPed music service, where subscribers are only allowed 15 DRM-Free tracks a month, the Starhub Music Store catalogue is entirely DRM-Free, allowing downloaders to transfer music from one device to another over the air (via Bluetooth). This is a dream come true for music-lovers in Singapore, and a giant leap forward for the digital music industry.

Other available music download services in Singapore include Nokia’s Comes With Music service, and Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Plus service. Downloads for both these services are limited to the respective manufacturers’ handsets.


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  1. is this available outside of SG? And how will it compete against other music services, both free and paid? In the end i think it’ll come down to song selection. I am sure there wil be a certain demo that will use it, but it might not generate enough traffic to be sustainable. This has to work for the public. I think market the hell out of the minority demo.

    Comment by ty willie | 18/07/2010 | Reply

    • Ty Willie, You are spot on about the selection. Given the crippling hold the publishers have on digital content (still considered a relatively new frontier for the publishers), it’s anybody’s guess how many percentage of Sony and Universal Music’s catalogue is available as drm-free tracks for download on the Starhub Music Store. Starhub is definitely milking it – it’s just been announced that they are sponsoring the SingFest in Singapore (3-5August 2010), and a full-page ad in the local papers today announced it with a bang. Starhub is definitely using the music store to position itself as a direct competitor of Singtel’s AMPed (and MusicVibes), offering completely drm-free content, something Singtel/M1 have yet to do.

      I believe it’s only available for downloading in Singapore, since if you try to do it on mobile outside of SG, you’d have to pay roaming charges, which don’t make sense. I’m not too sure about the web download though.

      Comment by MusicRewind | 18/07/2010 | Reply

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    Comment by เพลงใหม่ล่าสุด | 10/01/2011 | Reply

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