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Free song download at Honda?!


I love this marketing campaign by Honda for their new offering, the Honda Odyssey. Their tv ad features an entire family sitting in the car, but the focus fell on the 3 children of varying ages. The eldest son plugged his Mac onto a power plug in the car with ease, while the second child looks up and smiles at a 2-screen sharp hi-def television screen above the seats.

Just before the ad ends, a quick message pops up, simple and effective: “Download the song at”.

At the website, the viewer is informed that the song downloads are free, and for every free download, Honda will donate $1 to Safe Kids Canada, up to $10,000 maximum. A quick glance at the Safe Kids Canada website reveals a mission of “Fewer Injuries. Healthier Children. A Safer Canada,” immediately associating Honda with safer driving in Canada. Quick effective brand association for Honda – check!

Back to they urge the viewer to share the song with their friends and get them to download their copy, and promise to donate $1 for every song download. Obviously, they hope to reach 10,000 online viewers with the lure of free downloaded content. Honda has successfully imprinted at the back of your mind the association of Odyssey and safer driving. I’m guessing that the sale of 2 Odysseys will cover their tv and online ad costs.

Cheap, effective, viral, simple.

Download the Honda song here


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