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McGill Desautels MBA LipDub (MOvember)

Watch the Desautels McGill MBA LipDub now:

We chose to do our MBA in McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management because we wanted to change the world in our own little way. We wanted to show the world how giving a little love every single day of your life can be the start of something big. And this video was born.

Like the song goes, “You’ve got to give a little love” – we hope to inspire you to do the same by giving love in any little way you can. Let’s start with Movember. Help our MoGill Team, headed by MBA Candidate Neil Perk, by donating any amount you can, so we can raise awareness for the invaluable research for prostate cancer. We chose to film our lipdub video in the month of November, with our moustaches growing in full strength. Try and spot how many of us have our moustache on!

Donate to our MoGill team now!

The LipDub project was dreamed up on 30 September 2010 by MBA student Jun Yeo, and together with fellow student Charlie Bern, she formed the LipDub X-Team committee consisting of Anurag Thakur, Artem Luhovy, Carmen Marron Lopez, Daniel Kramer-Stein, Hernan Ciechanowiecki, Juan Cuello, Judy Cai, Kent Turner, Maria Ponomareva, Molly Holmes, Pat Tenneriello, Raman Sodhi, Saurabh Malhotra and Wissam Shaar. In less than 2 months, the X-Team planned, choreographed and mobilized over 80 participants, which included MBA First-Year students, MBA Second-Year students, MBA exchange students, MBA Alumni, and Desautels Professor Omar Toulan, Professor Tamer Boyaci, Professor Sujata Madan, and Professor Jui Ramaprasad.

The video moves through the MBA floor (Level 3) of McGill’s Bronfman Building on 1001 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, to the beat of Tom Jone’s infectious single “Give A Little Love”.
For more information on how Desautels McGill MBA students give back to society, visit:

The Desautels McGill MBA LipDub video is organized and directed by Jun Yeo, a First-Year MBA student, and is filmed and edited by Charlie Bern, a Second-Year MBA student.

Jun Yeo on LinkedIn:
Charlie Bern on LinkedIn:


From left: Jun Yeo, Charlie Bern



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Desautels McGill MBA LipDub

Watch the official Desautels McGill MBA LipDub!


A nice shout-out to Tom Jones, always a crowd-pleaser. Winking smile

Enjoy and spread the love!

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Top 5 Music Discovery Online Radio

These are my favorite 5 online streaming radio for music discovery at the moment. If you’re looking to discover new music on the horizon but have no idea where to start, here are five choices to kick you off on your musical journey. These stations are chosen for streaming quality, music recommended choices, and most importantly, because they are FREE.


URL: was created primarily as a platform to launch unsigned and upcoming artists of all genres. With a tagline like “Where the stars of tomorrow get discovered”, the OurStage music engine generates song and artist recommendations based on your choice of genre. Clicking on each genre tab will lead you to a genre page with recommended artists and songs, as well as that delicious radio button that says “Play”. Music quality is top-notch and uninterrupted, a crucial factor for listeners like me who hate it when DJs disrupt your train of thought in between songs. User-generated content voting for songs and joining of fanclub pages help artists to identify their target market as well as general popularity of their songs.

A pop-up player allows you to listen to perfectly-streamed and uninterrupted music while you surf within the pages of the OurStage website. A brilliant idea.

MusicRewind Rating: 4.5 Thumbs-up

2. The Hype Machine


A novel idea, The Hype Machine is a music discovery site that trawls the internet space for music blogged about on the blogosphere. With a strict set of guidelines on how they pick music blogs, Hype Machine recommends new songs, remixes, artists and bands on their homepage, but they go one step further by offering a monthly radio podcast (that you can stream live or download as a free MP3) of a set of their favourite picks and recommendations. The monthly HypeM podcasts includes DJ commentary as well as exclusive interviews with music bloggers and sometimes with the artists themselves.

An embedded music player at the bottom of the website allows you to seamlessly switch between song plays (very little lags), with awesome sound quality.

MusicRewind Rating: 4.0 Thumbs-up

3. TheSixtyOne


The brainchild of two music lovers, this streaming site is named after Highway 61, an American highway that is said to have deep roots and connections to America’s historical music culture, and has received strong support from organization Creative Commons as well as Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman.

Let me just say one thing upfront: This site is BEAUTIFUL. The homepage, which is aesthetically wonderful with creative use of button positioning, will blow your senses away if you are someone attracted to all-things new. However, if you’re a tried-and-true type of web user, then you might find this site navigation a tad challenging.

Music recommended are of high quality and great taste, and pre-selected playlists act as awesome radio channels for your discovery tastes.

MusicRewind Rating: 3.5 Thumbs-up

4. GrooveShark


Grooveshark is free, beautiful, and awesome. You can also create up to an infinite number of playlists (I’m at 35 for the moment), and 99% of the songs you want are probably searchable on Grooveshark.

Bad news: the recommendation engine is not the most advanced at the moment. Songs recommended are trapped within the catalogs of only a few artists, ensuring that if you listen to N.E.R.D. you will be recommended Pharrell’s songs repeatedly.

Nevertheless, Grooveshark is an incredible library you can fall back on for songs you never want to forget. Think of it as a cloud-based source for all your favourite songs.

Second downside: it crashes once in awhile. If you have a big heart, forgive the developers and pray for recovery everytime it happens. GrooveShark is an indispensable friend.

MusicRewind Rating: 3.5 Thumbs-up

5. Slacker Radio


Launched in the USA in 2007, Slacker Radio opened its doors to Canadian fans earlier this year to little fanfare. Slacker Radio encourages creation of your own radio stations, supported by their recommendation engine. Slacker Radio tilts more towards the commercial side, and will satisfy your sudden craving for some Pop hits. What I personally love is Slacker’s Comedy radio channel, which is a wonderful way to discover past and new stand-up comedians via 1 minute clips.

Downside: It’s only free for 30 days, but the experience for that month is assured of quality and good music recommendations.

MusicRewind Rating: 3.5 Thumbs-up

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Google India Launches Bollywood Music Streaming Service

India has officially launched its Google Music Search (India) Labs ( with song quality and search functions similar to the Google Search Music Service available in the U.S. This service provides direct streaming of a complete catalogue of songs straight from Indian label SaReGaMa, Indian-based online network In.Com, and, the largest digital distributor of Bollywood content on the globe. This move allows for absolute legal streaming of full tracks on the site, and is a step forward in reducing the mess of copyright infringement issues. Songs are allowed to be streamed on the site for an unlimited number of times by any user.



The search is easy, and functions allow for restriction of search by year, artist, album, and song title. And the best part? Google Music Search (India) Labs is open to the whole world without restrictions by nation.

This is awesome.

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DJ Yannick B – Summer Love Vol.2

Dj Yannick B – Summer Love Vol.2 by Dj Yannick B on Mixcloud

It is Summer indeed! This is one of the best and most relaxing house mixes around by Deepvibes founder DJ Yannick B, featuring hits from big House names like M.A.W., 95 North, Charles Mcdougald, Chez Damier, Kenny Bobien, Louie Vega, Vincent Kwok, Nina Lares, Knee Deep, Frankie Knuckles and more.

One word: Feel-good.

To download the mix in MP3, groove your way over here.


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Starhub Music Store – A Giant Leap Forward for Singapore Music-Lovers

The title of The First DRM-Free Music Store in Singapore now officially belongs to the newly-launched Starhub Music Store. A full-page ad in the Straits Times today (10Jul2010, Saturday) launches the music store officially, a sure way to bring traffic to the first unique offering in Singapore. The store offers music from 20 record labels in 13 different languages including Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Tagalog, Japanese and Korean.

The Starhub Music Store is serviced by Ithos Digital, and this partnership is the newest to hit our shores, following limited DRM-Free offerings from the remaining telecommunications companies in Singapore, M1 and Singtel. Unlike M1’s music store, where only some tracks are DRM-Free, and Singtel’s AMPed music service, where subscribers are only allowed 15 DRM-Free tracks a month, the Starhub Music Store catalogue is entirely DRM-Free, allowing downloaders to transfer music from one device to another over the air (via Bluetooth). This is a dream come true for music-lovers in Singapore, and a giant leap forward for the digital music industry.

Other available music download services in Singapore include Nokia’s Comes With Music service, and Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Plus service. Downloads for both these services are limited to the respective manufacturers’ handsets.

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Music Store coming to Google Android phones?

It was announced at the Google I/O developer conference of Google’s recent acquisition of streaming service company Simplify Media, hinting at Google’s obvious interest in tapping into the ludicrous digital music market.

For those not in the know, Simplify Media had earlier removed its iPhone app from the iPhone App space, with the cryptic message that it was moving in a difference direction. Now we know where it has headed.

“After developing the technology behind Simplify Media for over 4 years, it is time for us to take it in a new direction.” – Simplify Media‘s official statement on their website, 12 March, 2010

Simplify Media’s platform scans all drm-free music in a user’s library and allows cloud streaming from its servers to all android devices.  It remains to be seen, however, whether its platform allows offline access.

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Inactivity Kills Music – Rob Wells quote

“It is now clear that Business Development should be a priority in any market. The international unit has been created to provide you with all the support you need so please use the various guidelines and ideas provided. Don’t be afraid to innovate, fan the entrepreneurial spark and make mistakes…. Always remember: it is inactivity that will kill us.”

Rob Wells, SVP, Digital (UMGI)
At the first ever Business Development Conference held in London on May 11th 2010 at The Royal Garden Hotel

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Verve Music Group Takes Digital Sound Quality to the Next Level

World’s Leading Jazz Label Makes Recordings Available in Remarkable 96/24 Sound Via HDtracks

Verve Music Group, the world’s leading jazz label and a division of Universal Music Group, today announced a new agreement with HDtracks whereby it will provide consumers with access to many of the world’s chart-topping and seminal jazz recordings in better-than-ever pristine 96/24 quality sound.

“With HDtracks, Verve continues to bring consumers more choice in how they enjoy music online,” stated Nate Herr, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Verve Music Group. “Along with the digital revolution, sound quality online has suffered. And for jazz fans in particular, this has been an issue. At least until now. Through HDtracks, jazz lovers will now be able to download DVD quality sound, as well as get full artist biographies, album descriptions and reviews, all of which creates an even richer musical experience.”

Transfer of Verve 96K masters were done using a combination of the best new and vintage equipment available. The carefully chosen original analog masters were played back on vintage Studer 820 tape machines. These machines provide the most stable transport for handling these priceless analog tapes. The analog masters were converted to the digital domain using classic DCS 972 and Lavry analog to digital converters and recorded directly onto a SoundBlade Workstation with minimal processing in order to allow the music to be formatted for digital distribution. The shortest signal path and highest quality cabling were used to prevent any signal loss and additional noise from being introduced into the transfer. The entire digital process was driven with the Antelope Audio Atomic Clock, the industry leader in digital clocking technology. It enables the entire digital process to reference the same highly regulated clock master, preventing any loss in the digital signal due to jitter and clock degradation.

[Press Release]

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Rob Wells on Spotify and Piracy

Rob Wells (center) with Lady Gaga (left)“What I do know about Spotify is that 80 percent of the user base of the free service have come in from file-sharing services.”

Rob Wells (center)
Senior Vice President, Digital, UMGI
on Spotify user-base

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