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“The music industry have been trying to get advertisers to pay for content but the ad model they’re using is based on TV advertising. That works when you run an ad model where you control the stream and advertisers can disrupt that stream. But in an interactive world where you can get past ads, any concept based on disruption or banner ads where you’re distracting people doesn’t work. The 1950s model no longer works – disruption or distraction advertising isn’t the way ahead. The only way you can do it is engagement based advertising.”

Claes Loberg, CEO of Guvera

In response, during an interview with, to why the current ad-based music business model no longer works


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VEVO strikes deal with AT&T

riocaraeffRio Caraeff, CEO of VEVO, just announced that they have struck a branding and marketing agreement with AT&T, for the latter to support VEVO across their platforms. “The AT&T brand has come to symbolize innovation, convenience, flexibility and global inclusiveness to millions of consumers, and we are delighted that the company has joined us as one of our key launch participants,” Caraeff announces.

Exclusive video content will be made available to fans on the VEVO platform, which runs on Youtube’s video-streaming technology. There will also be a VEVO-branded embedded player. “When you can reach people while they’re pursuing one of their passions and help them learn, do or share something important to them, you can more strongly demonstrate how your brand is valuable and relevant to their lives,” says Chris Schembri, VP of Media services for AT&T.

“Music and entertainment are two of the broadest-reaching and influential ‘passion points’ for consumers, and aligning our brand with a new property like VEVO gives us a chance to reach them in fresh, meaningful ways.”

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