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Google India Launches Bollywood Music Streaming Service

India has officially launched its Google Music Search (India) Labs ( with song quality and search functions similar to the Google Search Music Service available in the U.S. This service provides direct streaming of a complete catalogue of songs straight from Indian label SaReGaMa, Indian-based online network In.Com, and, the largest digital distributor of Bollywood content on the globe. This move allows for absolute legal streaming of full tracks on the site, and is a step forward in reducing the mess of copyright infringement issues. Songs are allowed to be streamed on the site for an unlimited number of times by any user.



The search is easy, and functions allow for restriction of search by year, artist, album, and song title. And the best part? Google Music Search (India) Labs is open to the whole world without restrictions by nation.

This is awesome.


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Starhub Music Store – A Giant Leap Forward for Singapore Music-Lovers

The title of The First DRM-Free Music Store in Singapore now officially belongs to the newly-launched Starhub Music Store. A full-page ad in the Straits Times today (10Jul2010, Saturday) launches the music store officially, a sure way to bring traffic to the first unique offering in Singapore. The store offers music from 20 record labels in 13 different languages including Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Tagalog, Japanese and Korean.

The Starhub Music Store is serviced by Ithos Digital, and this partnership is the newest to hit our shores, following limited DRM-Free offerings from the remaining telecommunications companies in Singapore, M1 and Singtel. Unlike M1’s music store, where only some tracks are DRM-Free, and Singtel’s AMPed music service, where subscribers are only allowed 15 DRM-Free tracks a month, the Starhub Music Store catalogue is entirely DRM-Free, allowing downloaders to transfer music from one device to another over the air (via Bluetooth). This is a dream come true for music-lovers in Singapore, and a giant leap forward for the digital music industry.

Other available music download services in Singapore include Nokia’s Comes With Music service, and Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Plus service. Downloads for both these services are limited to the respective manufacturers’ handsets.

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All-American Rejects Launch DigiMusic Successfully

aardigimusicThe All-American Rejects headed down to Malaysia on October 31st and launched officially DigiMusic, Malaysia’s first unlimited music download service offering by the telco DigiCom.

Held at Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Jalil National Outdoor Stadium, the launch concert was preceded by an autograph session and a press conference, where they endorsed DigiMusic on behalf of Universal Music.

Launched unofficially in August this year, DigiMusic promises its subscribers unlimited downloads of its music catalogue offering with no data charges. The offering was backed by two of the world’s largest labels, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. DigiMusic subscribers will get a host of goodies which include something the telco calls “DigiMusic Live Concerts”, where subscribers will get first consideration when it comes to tickets.

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